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Already existing and registered business in another country can be transferred to Poland. The specialists of our company help to do this correctly. We know everything about the features, difficulties and subtleties of business relocation to Poland, and we will help you avoid common mistakes, save time and money.

You see relocation as your main market for growth or as the optimum solution for other reasons, related to business, security, or legislation and accounting? Do you know you can relocate along with your company?

There are many situations requiring relocation of your business or you, as the entrepreneur, simply feel you want to relocate.

The whole process must be planned to make sure it goes smoothly both here, in Poland, and in the country of destination. It is good to have a trusted and competent advisor to provide support throughout the process, in a single location.

Company relocation services

By contacting us for business relocation to Poland, you will receive the following services:

  • Consultations on all issues related to the relocation of the company, accounting and payment of taxes under Polish law.
  • Consultations on all tax issues, based on the legal form of the company and the type of business activity.
  • Preparation of a full package of documents for the legal relocation of business.
  • Preparation of documents for Pesel / ePUAP.
  • Registration of a company in KRS, ZUS, obtaining VAT EU for business.
  • Registering a bank account in Poland.
  • Accounting services.
  • Help organize the work of employees in a new country. Development of a plan for interaction with employees in other countries.
  • Supporting employees after their move to Poland, assistance in obtaining all necessary documents.
  • Consultation on payment of taxes by employees.
  • Registration of company employees as entrepreneurs, support at all stages.
  • Working with us, you receive professional accounting support at competitive prices. In addition, we help all employees of your company and their family members get legalized in Poland.

Relocating your company

In addition to business risks and proper arrangements with your business partners, you need to take care of legal, tax, and legislation risks.

It is good to know that many countries have tax regulations very friendly towards companies utilising innovative technologies. An effectively one-digit tax rate is easily possible both in Poland and abroad. On the other hand, the relocation must be entirely compliant with Polish legislation so that foreign benefits do not result in additional risks in Poland (such as extra taxes for relocation or foreign operations of the company).

You must also remember tax and legal liabilities in Poland. For instance, you must file a declaration of assets held outside the territory of Poland. This obligation applies to both companies, entrepreneurs, as well as private individuals who should report, among other things, their shares held in foreign companies.

It is important to do everything properly and have a peace of mind necessary to expand your business. We help our clients take their first steps efficiently and safely.

With no compromise in value and professionalism, we provide you with the very best expertize, management, resources and service to ensure that your relocation delivers on all expectations.

Our securely delivered services are designed to meet all your relocation requirements, such as minimizing costs and risks, reducing downtime and ensuring essential services continue to function throughout your move.

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Several reasons to order professional accounting services from PWK

Over the several years of existence, our company has received many successful cases of cooperation with entrepreneurs who want to legalize business in Poland. Clients trust us and always get the expected results.
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Guaranteed quality
Many years of experience in registering turnkey businesses and providing professional accounting services allows us to guarantee clients high quality work, reliability, risk reduction and meeting deadlines. Our regular clients from different areas of business are the best proof of this.
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Savings and convenience
By using our services, you save on the salary of a full-time accountant. Outsourcing is more profitable and convenient
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Individual approach
PWK’s team of professionals finds non-standard solutions and a way out of any situation, applying an individual approach to each client
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Help for any business
Our specialists know how to help a new entrepreneur or the owner of an already large business increase efficiency and improve the quality of accounting

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