HR support services

Get complete human resources outsourcing services that enable you to focus on growth and opportunity. Every small business needs to manage essential human resources functions like payroll, benefits, hiring, onboarding, and more.

PWK’s outsourcing HR services provide your business with all the tools so you can stop worrying about your human resources management and concentrate on growing. Our expertise ensures you can minimize your risks and enjoy smooth, seamless functionality throughout your organization.

HR services for small business

Having opened a company in Poland, an entrepreneur must ensure that the work of the HR department complies with the norms and laws of this country. Some Polish requirements differ from those in other countries. Our specialists can help you understand them and ensure legal maintenance of personnel records after the relocation of a company or when registering a new business in Poland. Outsourced HR services to help maximize productivity and minimize risks.

When an owner is growing their small business, it’s usually their instinct to do everything on their own—especially human resources functions. On the surface, keeping tasks like payroll, hiring, employee onboarding, and benefits management close to the chest seems like the right move. In reality, the opposite is true. HR consulting services for small business can actually help prevent companies from making costly mistakes.

In moment of crisis, the business owner may not have the experience necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. Working with an HR professional doesn’t just save business owners time but helps them feel confident the job is being done right.

Addressing the myths and misconceptions that lead small business owners to believe they don’t need outsourced human resources or internal human resources support is the first step to making life better for them and their employees.

Professional HR support

Our specialists professionally perform the following duties:

  • Monthly HR Support.
  • Strategic HR Initiatives.
  • Payroll Services.
  • Employee Engagement.
  • Arrange for the hiring of new company employees, undertake the preparation of relevant documents and enter data into the electronic program.
  • Fill out the work books of the team and make all necessary changes.
  • Issue orders for maternity leave, regular leave and other orders, entering the relevant data into the electronic database.
  • Hand over the documentation to accountants who deal with payroll.
  • Work with the company staff, accept applications, for example, vacation applications.
  • Develop a schedule for the staff and draw up vacation schedules.
  • Work with the personal files of company employees.
  • Develop job descriptions and familiarize company employees with new documents and rules.

The need for documentation starts when an employee is hired, including their I-9 form, W2 form, benefits elections and enrollment, health and financial information, and even keeping their resume and credentials on file. This need continues throughout the employee lifecycle, both for compliance and to preserve company culture.

Human resources functions consume 25-35% of a small business owner’s time. As much as 25% of that time is simply handling employee paperwork! Small businesses need outsourced HR so they can survive long-term and outpace the competition.


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Several reasons to order professional accounting services from PWK

Over the several years of existence, our company has received many successful cases of cooperation with entrepreneurs who want to legalize business in Poland. Clients trust us and always get the expected results.
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Guaranteed quality
Many years of experience in registering turnkey businesses and providing professional accounting services allows us to guarantee clients high quality work, reliability, risk reduction and meeting deadlines. Our regular clients from different areas of business are the best proof of this.
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Savings and convenience
By using our services, you save on the salary of a full-time accountant. Outsourcing is more profitable and convenient
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Individual approach
PWK’s team of professionals finds non-standard solutions and a way out of any situation, applying an individual approach to each client
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Help for any business
Our specialists know how to help a new entrepreneur or the owner of an already large business increase efficiency and improve the quality of accounting

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